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You must have heard the word hypnosis by now

When the word hypnosis after you hear, remember that time in front of people Myvftyd neck radiation and man created a hypnotic field

But this is what we saw most in the movie, and it's no use in the world of hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis or hypnosis is not magical or supernatural, hypnosis is a job or it can be said to be a science that when one gets into that state his level of consciousness gets deeper and he can focus more. 

So hypnosis is not a fun thing, hypnosis is a way of treating certain habits or illnesses that have been scientifically proven.

Hypnosis is part of the field of psychology and is practiced by certain principles and not everyone can hypnotize it. It is totally illegal and it is interesting that science still cannot fully explain how hypnosis works. Because hypnosis is a small town of There is a world of the human mind. It is a very difficult job for humans to fully understand how their minds really work.

Hypnosis, meanwhile, is not just for humans but for animals as well

Types of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is divided into self- hypnosis and other hypnosis groups . As one can see from the names of these two branches, self-hypnosis is practiced by one's self and other by hypnosis . Perform hypnosis in both groups, have certain principles hypnosis cherish and if done correctly but did not get the negative impact on a person's mental and neurological Bzarh.

How does hypnosis work?

Every day you see a movie or TV series about a fantasy life that is somewhat close to reality, so that your emotions are completely engulfed . Some accidental events can cause fear, discomfort, stress, happiness and so on. For example, you are scared to see a scary movie but you know that it cannot be true. Some researchers and scholars classify these feelings as models of self-hypnosis. In hypnosis, you go into a trance state and your five-fold feeling fades

In hypnosis, induction is much, much stronger than normal. For example, if you feel that you are thirsty you will feel the dryness of your throat and tongue. In this case, you are extremely influential. That is, if the hypnotist tells you to do something, you are likely to accept it;

The stages of hypnosis

1- Acceptance 2- Concentration 3- Induction 4- Process Process 5- Return

1. Acceptance : The first step to hypnosis is to have one's own desire to become hypnotic because hypnosis is not something to be done by force. If someone Nkhvad that hypnosis was or hypnotherapist (hypnotist) hypnosis does not work Nmyshh.aynm know that the acceptance of hypnosis in men equally hypnotic Nystsh and some people are not allowed.

2. Focusing : Focusing and calming the mind is very important if the person who wants to become hypnotic and unable to concentrate Hypnosis is challenged and hypnosis fails. For relaxation and concentration, one is asked to put the body in relaxed and relaxed conditions. Can lie down or sit down. Breathe deeply and regulate it. Relax and focus her muscles. Calm his mind and convince himself he wants to sleep.

3. Induction : Induction can be something that helps hypnosis and puts the person in a state of nervous sleep. Induction can be visual or auditory. One of the visual examples for induction is candles. One is asked to look at the light of a candle. One of the earplugs to induce hearing is the ticking clock

In hypnosis, hypnosis invites the person to rest and encourages the person to fall asleep. After induction, the person will be asked if you are asleep. I remind you that this sleep is not a normal sleep and is different from normal sleep

4. Hypnosis : When you are hypnotized, you can ask questions that cannot be answered in normal circumstances. As I said, when one is hypnotized , he can access deeper levels of his mind. Hypnotherapists start treating this condition.

5. Return : After performing hypnosis, you should return the person who was hypnotized back to normal with the help of visual and auditory induction. And get rid of hypnosis or artificial sleep.

The Benefits and Cons of Hypnosis

The benefits of hypnosis can to bring peace, euphoria, skin and treatment of disease and the side effects can intensify the feelings and emotions and empathy refer incorrectly. Of course there are many benefits and side effects to these, but these are the main ones. Millions of people use this method every year and with this method solve many of their problems

What Hypnosis Does It Use?

As we said, hypnosis is used for treatment, but you can also use it for business and cartoon.

In the previous articles we said that to be successful in our business we need to be positive and we can do this with the help of hypnosis.

Final words 

Hypnosis is the most interesting thing, but Hmvnqdr that is interesting, the most dangerous and we have to be careful and make sure that the principles of hypnosis and  good Learn