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Terms and Conditions | sitesmoon


User Privacy:


Your privacy is of particular importance to us on the sitesmoon. Using the latest technologies to make your site safer, sitesmoon always strives to provide you with a satisfying online shopping experience by ensuring the security of your personal information.


1- Searching and viewing websites:


You can use the search form to access your website. It should be noted that faster access to your target website, you can click on the filter to specify the category and how to display.


All websites listed on the sitesmoon site are made by the users themselves and through the user panel within the site.


Therefore, the sitesmoon does not take any responsibility for sending incorrect and incorrect information, but we always try to show you the correct information for you users and we will move forward in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, so we ask you to If you see a problematic website (either in the form of a link or in the form of an explanatory text), you can view it via the info @ sitesmoon.com email address. Let the personnel of our system.com try to fix the problem as soon as possible.


2- Sending a website


After joining and logging in to the sitesmoon, you can send your website in two ways through your user panel.


A- The first way of sending: Sending to the link, in which case the link of your website within the site will be registered for free and costly (at a very low cost) forever.


B- The second way of sending: Sending is as an explanation, in which case you have given explanations about the activity of your website and other users can use these explanations and refer to your website if necessary.


It should be noted that we have used a wallet to increase the security of our site's transactions in your user panel, and we have also used a well-known company such as ZarrinPal to perform targeted transactions to use the online portal.


3- Buy a star


You can use the star to display your website in the highest category of activities, dear ones, and it is obvious that in any category of the website that has the highest number of stars, it is in the highest category.


4- Transportation


It should be noted that all the activities of the Citi website are virtual and the costs received from you users are without considering the transportation costs.


5- Refund


It is not possible to return the money in any way after inserting the advertisement and paying.